Titchfield in Bloom

“Congratulations to the Titchfield in Bloom team who have won Gold in front of 400 competitors at the Amex stadium at Brighton.  Not only that but they have also won the Hampshire County award for the best entry in Hampshire.  Next, they will travel to Westminster for the National awards against regions across Britain, the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland; a much harder competition in which to gain anything!”  Gloria Hunt, September 2019. 

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From Gloria Hunt (February 2019)

Last year was an amazing achievement for all who took part in Titchfield in Bloom.  To achieve Gold in the South / South East region shocked the Committee and the organisers of Bloom.  To also receive the highest marks of all the entered villages was even more exciting.

In January we received the news that the South / South East region wish us to represent them in the National Finals.  This will involve us being judged twice this year; once for our region and once by national judges.  Seventy-one regions are represented from all over Britain, many of whom have achieved gold for a number of years.  It is a great honour for Titchfield and very exciting but also a big challenge.  However, Titchfield residents, businesses and schools can do it!!

Our theme this year is Titchfield Cares and we will show we care in every category.  The following are just a few: bloom, recycling, litter, wider environment, conservation, weeding, sustainability, all-age involvement and all-year planning.

From Gloria Hunt (September 2018)

Gold for Titchfield

“I think the news has filtered through to everyone that in the South and South East of Britain Bloom awards, Titchfield was awarded Gold.  We were also thrilled that the Village achieved the highest gold marks of all the villages.  There are 19 categories that we were marked on and I am so delighted that in the Community Engagement category we achieved full marks.  Thank you to everyone who joined in and took part.

Our first job now is to gradually clear pots and wheelbarrows and to fill them with daffodils and tulips ready for Spring.  In November we start to evaluate this year and begin plans for next year. We are looking forward to another exciting year.”

From Gloria Hunt (22 July 2018)

“The Royal Horticultural Society judges arrived at Titchfield on a glorious day and were greeted by the Jigsaw Preschool waving flags and singing.  Their new garden area, The Greenfingers Project that is a joint effort, is very exciting.  They heard and saw children from the Titchfield Primary talking about their work on miniature gardens and the new allotment project at the school. After a talk from us at the Community Centre they started their tour.  However, they had arrived an hour before expected to look around.

The Village looked amazing and still looks good.  Individuals made lots of effort as well as all the business premises and the Church flower arrangers had taken part.  Groups such as Church Path, Chapelside Sheltered Housing and The Tanneries had joined together to make displays.  A group of our oldest residents had knitted flowers for bunting and made knitted mascots.  The four garden centres near us had given tremendous support.

We would have to be outstanding in order to achieve Gold in the Britain South and South East category but for us the important thing is that people worked together, many had fun doing it, and one of the judges said “I wish we could achieve this in the City of Westminster”.  Thank you to everybody who took part and we are now going around all areas as far as the two areas both sides of Coach Hill to spot anything the judges did not see for our own Village Awards in the Parish Rooms. We will not know our award until late September.”


From Gloria Hunt (2 October 2017)

“This has been such an exciting time for Titchfield.  On 20 September we travelled to Gatwick to hear the results of the South and South East of England results.  We are pleased to let everyone know that Titchfield was awarded a Silver Gilt award in the region.  The awards are Highly commended, Bronze, Silver, Silver Gilt, Gold, so you can imagine our amazement in reaching this level on our first ever entry.  On 27 September we were at a wonderful evening hosted by the Borough to celebrate achievement in horticulture in the Borough.  We are also delighted to let you know that the Village in Bloom Committee won the Community Garden award.  Congratulations to everyone who helped in any way with this achievement; the Village, roads and green spaces around looked amazing.  We are now already planning for next year, planting bulbs in the next weeks, re-doing community pots and supporting the wild flower meadow.  Please, if you have any ideas or can help, contact Coral and myself.”

These are just a few of the sights to be seen around Titchfield on 10 July 2017.

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