Reports from Club Meetings

6 November 2019, Cottage Gardening by David Standing

2 October 2019, Heritage Apple Collection by Chris Bird

4 September 2019, Flowering Arranging by Val Hockley

5 June 2019, Haslar Garden, by Chris Robson

1 May 2019, The Lost Gardens of Heligan, by Christine Bennett

3 April 2019, Creative Ways to Grow your Vegetables, by Martyn Cox

6 February 2019, Allotments, by Tim Wood

7 November 2018, Gardening Tips and Companion Planting by Ray Broughton

3 October 2018, Flowers from Home and Abroad by Carol Watson

29 August 2018, The Gardens of Japan

7 June 2018, The Changing Seasons at Monet’s Garden

2 May 2018, A Garden Designer’s Insights on Plant Choices

4 April 2018, Plants for Awkward Areas in Your Garden by Roger Hirons

7 February 2018, Seed Sowing and Propagation by Chris Bird

1 November 2017, Birds in the late Autumn Garden by Stephen Oaks

October 2017, Organic Horticulture, Maggie Haynes

6 September 2017, All About Tea by Andrew Godstone

5 July 2017, Love and War in your Garden by Alick Jones

7 June 2017, The Wildlife of Tanzania by Andrew Watts